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Take a look at the previous 24 hourly images or the archive of nice images.

The old camera has been retired and replaced by a HIK Vision DS-2CD2432F-I. This camera has day/night switching and can be used with infra-red illumination. The image below is scaled to fit the page, the native size is 1920x1080 or the same as HD TV. Clicking on the image will load it directly into your browser, it may still be scaled to fit your current window though.

Howhill Cam 1 Image

The second camera has been taken offline.

It was a Raspberry Pi with the ordinary camera module. It worked pretty well, occasional crash but the biggest problem was it "killing" the SD card or USB memory stick when either was used to store and process the images.

This camera as also generating (unpublished) timelapse movie 3 times a day from still images taken every 30 seconds. It was probably this fairly intensive use of the storage media that kills them in a few months. A frame every 30 seconds produces around 2100 new frames/day in summer, but with processing to add caption etc at least double that number of actual files are used.

A Raspberry Pi is also a handy thing to play with rather than have stuck in a window.

The old camera

The old camera did stirling service for over ten years. How ever age and light has taken it's toll on the sensor so it no longer produces a good images. Technology has also moved on 640x480 is now really a rather low resolution. The evaluation is left here for reference.


During May 2004 three network cameras were evaluated for use as the Howhill webcam. These cameras were:

A report on this evaluation, together with sample images, is available here.

Howhill Weather
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