The Weather at Howhill

Beaufort Scale

Beaufort MPH Description Effects
0 0 Calm Smoke rises vertically.
1 1 - 3 Light Air Smoke will show a slight direction.
A wind vane will not move.
2 4 - 7 Light Breeze You will feel a breeze on your face.
Smoke has a definite direction.
Leaves move a bit.
A wind vane will move.
3 8 - 12 Gentle Breeze Leaves will be in constant motion.
Small twigs move.
Flags extend.
4 13 - 18 Moderate Breeze Dust puffs blow.
Loose paper flies.
1/2 to 1 inch branches move.
5 19 - 24 Fresh Breeze Small leafy trees sway.
Small waves form on ponds and lakes.
Flags whip.
6 25 - 31 Strong Breeze 4 inch and larger branches moving.
Telephone, power lines whistle.
7 32 - 38 Near Gale Large, whole trees in motion.
Becomes hard to walk totally upright against the wind.
Shingles begin to lift.
8 39 - 46 Gale Green twigs begin to break off.
You may have to lean into wind to walk.
Shingles flap violently.
9 47 - 54 Severe Gale 3 inch or larger green branches break.
Chimneys and shingles begin to tear off.
TV antenna masts bend and antennas are broken.
10 55 - 63 Storm Trees begin to uproot.
Structural damage starts getting serious.
Large sections of roofs and roofing tear off and fly.
Some mobile homes begin to suffer damage.
Walking nearly impossible.
11 64 - 72 Violent Storm Structural damage widespread and major.
Mobile homes are displaced and skins peel.
Entire roofs blow off and windows blow in.
12 72+ Hurricane Now into the realms of tornadoes and the S1 to S5 tornado ratings.

Howhill Weather - Graphs
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